0022015Your Life and Feng Shui  
Feng Shui is the 4000year old Chinese art that assesses the flow of energy from your surrounding environment and how it affects you.  Our Feng Shui Masters can use this ancient art to bring balance into your life and fill it with love, success and happiness. Let us show you how!
You should try once Feng Shui.  Specially you feel bad luck fortune.
Feng Shui is enviromentology made from China.
Dragon God try help to bring up your luck. 
<New Information!>

Are you ready for New Year?

If you take Feng Shui Consultation before? why did not take campher consultation to start make your better next year?

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☆Brash of Brainstress $60/hr

・Read your subconscious and take out stress.

Quick House Consultation $30

・If you are to busy too draw a house floor plan?  you don't have to worry about it just let us know your address.

We will found good and bad direction and advice how to change or solve a problem.

Quick Four Pillars Destiny(Hand maid) $30

・Four pillars Destiny is check [Birth date + time] The blueprint of fate is taken out from these four pillars.  Our Feng Shui Master tackles thoroughly and takes out an exact life type.  The Master read, time when life should progress, and the time when the present condition should be maintained.

Sales on October
Brash of Brainstress $60/hr
    (More information please feel free to call)

All consultations are 50%OFF(expt Quick consultation).


<Regular Consultation Service>

On-site House Consultation $380


Floor Plan Consultation $100


Check your Moving $80

Four Pillar's of Destiny $200 



(All Regular Consultation it coming with Report paper)

 Feng Shui Contract service

 You can ask any questions Feng Shui Master for “One Year $430"                     


1 You can ask any kind of question to Feng Shui Master.

2 All the Consultation be half price.

     (You can ask for GIFT to Family and Friends.)

3 Always You can get 15%OFF for all items in store.

       (We can Accept for another special discount service) 


About your Family, buy new Furniture, for your Job.

Please ask any kind of question even you think it trifling things.

If you need more detail information, please E-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
or call our store (310-787-1891)






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